February → June 2019

Study Environmental Impacts of Curbside Cleanup Program

July 08 2019

Present Finding from Curbside Cleanup Study to City Council

July 2019 → January 2020

Gather Ideas and Develop Options for Sustainable Alternatives

May 11 2020

Present Preliminary Recommendations to City Council

March 2021

Engage with Community on Proposed Plan

Hear from residents about their values, concerns, and ideas around proposed methods for managing bulky items. 

March 10 2021

Community Listening Session #1

March 23 2021

Community Listening Session #2

April → May 2021

2021 Curbside Cleanup Program Provided as Normal

April 2021

Compile Feedback and Refine Recommendations

May 2021

Present Final Sustainable Bulky Item Disposal Plan to City Council for Approval