What are some advantages of engaging through Let’s Talk Bloomington?

    Here are the top 5:

    1.    You can learn about important projects happening now from the convenience of your location

    2.    You don’t need to be present at meetings or Townhalls to participate with comments or feedback

    3.    You can share your thoughts in a safe environment, at a time that is convenient for you

    4.    Your ideas are heard by project administrators 

    5.    And, YOU can make connections with City staff directly working on projects!

    Is registration user-friendly?

    Yes, the sign-up process, and interaction with the online platform is really simple. You will need to let us know your name or a username, email address, and optional demographics.

    The information collected helps us identify if we are learning from a variety of perspectives and individuals. It also helps us communicate back and follow-up information related to projects, if necessary.

    Should you have any troubles navigating the online platform, feel free to reach out to your friendly Outreach and Engagement Coordinators who will be happy to hear from you at outreach@BloomingtonMN.gov or 952-563-8733.

    How do I participate and what happens to my feedback/comments?

    Registration is required for participation. 

    Once this step is completed you can return to the site at any time to participate in the engagement, you will only need to sign-in. Click the topic of your choice and provide your opinion. 

    Remember, each project may require a different level of engagement, some will seek to provide information and consultation, while others projects may require your collaboration.

    The information you provide is used by the project manager to gain insight as to community viewpoint. However, this does not mean that every opinion will affect the outcomes or be implemented as presented.